SOCSO TRRC, Vocational Rehabilitation Building


Design Brief


Location             Melaka, Malaysia

Land Size           22.43 hectares / 55.42 acres

Project GFA        4,256.00 sq.m / 45,811.20 sq.ft

Status                Completed

Category            Masterplan, Healthcare

Year                    2013

Vocational Rehabilitation building the last stage of healing journey where patients learn new skills in an environment adapted to real working condition. The overall program and training objective is to provide patients (insured person) under SOCSO who has lost their normal capabilities due to accident or sickness to undergo physical and vocational rehabilitation with the purpose of restoring their physical abilities to continue working faster, healthier and safer.


The building is a single storey multiple volume space with all workshop space and exhibition area located on the ground floor and water tank area on first level. The U-shape plan is designed to allow all the workshop space be semi-public while the central part is an open courtyard for activities and gathering. The U-Shape symbolise the turning point at the end of rehab journey for a new hope and a better future. The double volume at the exhibition area designed to impress and inspire confidence while highlighting the success and achievements of the patients.


Vocational activities such as learning to sewing, basic skill, electronic, and electric to be provided as a necessary skill to the patient for them to be prepare toward the outside world and be independent in their respective work.

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