SOCSO TRRC, Administrative Building


Design Brief


Location             Melaka, Malaysia

Land Size           22.43 hectares / 55.42 acres

Project GFA        5,261.00 sq.m / 56,628.93 sq.ft

Status                Completed

Category            Masterplan, Healthcare

Year                   2013

The Administrative Building is the hub of the Centre and placed nearest to the main entrance. It is rated ‘Certified’ under the Malaysian Green Building Index with a floor area of 5,261 square meters. Apart from housing the main administrative personnel, this is also where the patients start their ‘Journey to Healing’ and the last point before they leave. It needs to symbolise ‘hope’, create confidence, welcoming while at the same time reflects its function.


The building is two storeys high with a semi basement car park for staff and delivery. The U-shape plan is designed to allow both wings to be semi-public management offices while the central part is open to the public and housed all share facilities such as the lifts and toilets. Symbolically the protruding wings seems to embrace the patient as they enter the building; while the triple height porte-cochere designed to impress and inspire confidence.


Deep overhang was designed at the porte-cochere to allow low morning sun to penetrate deep into the building; but provide shade after 10.00 a.m. to the triple height lobby.The rear of the building is designed as a buffer zone to cut down heat gain from the afternoon sun. This is where the pantries, storage and toilet pavilions are located.

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