SOCSO Tun Razak Rehabilitation Center (TRRC)


Design Brief


Location             Melaka, Malaysia

Land Size           22.43 hectares / 55.42 acres

Project GFA        51,707.00 sq.m / 556,569.00 sq.ft

Status                Completed

Category            Masterplan, Healthcare

Year                    2013

The "journey to healing" is translated architecturally into clusters of buildings according to different concept and arranged in a sequence based on function.


Hope: The administration block creates the starting point in the journey. The U-shaped building with a triple-height entrance court is designed to welcome and impress thus give some home to patient.


Heal: The combination of physical therapy spaces and indoor natural landscape design at Medical Rehabilitation Centre to encourage the healing process. The sanctuary garden comprise of landscape, and variety of harmonious colours of screen wall under the fancy ‘Fan Roof’ to create wind tunnel effect to ventilate the area.


Learn: Under the ‘return to work’ concept, the patients are retrained to gain new skill at Vocational Rehab block according to the capability of the patients after completing the therapy session.


The clusters of building intimately connected via the designated ‘primary spine’ will provide ease of movement for walking, wheelchair or buggy.  Multiple experiences created by landscape and resting areas provide ‘pausing stations’.


The architectural  language  is formal and elegant to suit the institutional function. Each building kept their own identity; although a common architectural language ensure consistency. All building materials chosen must be user friendly, especially to the disabled.  Each building is given a different identity according to functions and ease of way finding. Calming and soft colors are utilized throughout the complex. Great emphasis was placed on green design, such as north - south orientation, maximising natural lighting and ventillation, a creation of a ‘wind corridor’, low e-glass materials, fixed and movable shading panels and rainwater harvesting.

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