SIvaSanta Dialysis & Medical Clinic


Design Brief


Location             Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Land Size           0.13 hectares / 0.32 acres

Project GFA        3,684.00 sq.m / 39,654.24 sq.ft

Status                 Building Plan

Category             Healthcare

Year                    2017

The SivaSanta Medical and Dialysis Centre Project is a community project which will operate on a pay-as-you-wish model for all discerning members of the public who would otherwise not be able to afford proper medical care. It is developed by the Temple of Fine Arts, the premier proponent of Indian culture and arts in Malaysia. This allows the architect to tap into their archive and living arts to assimilate Indian arts and culture into the building.


The SivaSanta Dialysis and Medical is a 3-storey medical facility offering a wide range of medical services to the public; including general and specialist medical services, dialysis services, rehabilitation care, diagnostic services, traditional and complimentary healing among others ayurveda, acupuncture, yoga and taichi.


Multifunctional spaces on the ground floor and roof are used for meditation, communal yoga and exercise as well as intimate cultural performance space. The waiting areas on the first and second floor are designed with performance space. This will allow the patients awaiting treatment to enjoy cultural performance by members of the Temple of Fine Arts.  The roof top is a unique healing space which will combine the 5 elements of nature, namely: Space, Fire, Water, Earth and Air.


The architectural language is clean modern tropical with interpretation of Indian culture on the fa├žade. This elegant statement is in line with the philosophy that great art is not only for the rich but should be enjoyed by all.

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