Design Brief


Location              Kelantan, Malaysia

Land Size            13.97 hectares / 34.52 acres

Project GFA         101,867.15 sq.m / 1,096,489.35 sq.ft

Status                  Completed

Category             Masterplan, Residential

Year                     2011

The design objective is to create a community living in affordable housing scheme that are proud of their living environment while setting a new benchmark for affordable homes. This involved research into local Kelantanese close knit community interpreted into master planning and building layout.


The site is bounded by the pristine Ketil River on three sides and a railway track as the other boundary. Although the river afforded wonderful view and pleasing environment; the railway is deemed to be problematic.


Eight apartment blocks were aligned with the railway tract; thus providing a continuous ‘wall’ to the railway. A raised berm at the railway perimeter is planted with tall trees to provide additional layer of screening.


The main community facilities are placed centrally to the site with pedestrian bridge linking it to an existing sports complex. The river bank is fully landscaped with jogging tracks, exercise stations, playgrounds and recreational areas. The services are tucked away at the southern border.


The 5 storey apartment block is arrange in a U-shape; with 16 units per floor. The ground floor is either for recreational space or allocated for disabled units. The buildings are modern tropical with inventive use of vent blocks and variety of earthy tones are chosen to blend in the green tropical setting. The main entrance is identified with primary colours derived from the Malaysian flag and local ‘songket’ weave to give a strong local context.

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