Design Brief


Location             Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Land Size           1.00 hectares / 2.47 acres

Project GFA        7,515.80 sq.m / 80,899.40 sq.ft

Status                Competition : Participated

Category            Institutional, Competition

Year                    2017

MBAM (Master Builders Association Malaysia) is the national body representing the contractors in Malaysia. An architectural competition was held to design the new MBAM Centre and it’s Centre of Building Excellence. The brief is complex that requires innovative master and space planning, engineering solutions as well as GBI Gold rating.


We choose the Dragon, specifically the dragon’s head as typology of MBAM that symbolising power, strength and fortune. The orchestrations of the building block provide connectivity, porosity and multiple volume spaces to reflect the building programme.


The building is open to the public while certain part remains private. Our solution is to provide public spaces at the lower levels; semi-public spaces at mid-levels and MBAM’s offices at the top most levels.


The entrance façade is open and welcoming while the façade towards the Elite Highway is more formal. A multitude of structural and material finishes as living showcase for MBAM construction trades provide enigmatic skin to the building.


The overall design is in direct response to the environmental consideration such as the sun orientation, cross ventilation, views, internal space function and surrounding contextual elements. As a national body in construction industry, it is important for the new MBAM Centre to incorporate elements of exploration of building materials, experimental on engineering elements and GBI rated building to demonstrate state-of-art innovative design and architecture.

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