Indian Chancery Complex


Design Brief


Location             Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Land Size           1.00 hectares / 2.47 acres

Project GFA        10,276.00 sq.m / 110,609.94 sq.ft

Status                Competition : Shortlisted Top 5

Category            Institutional, Cultural, Competition

Year                    2017

The Government of India through the High Commission of India in Malaysia proposes to re-develop its Chancery Complex and adjoining residences at Jalan Duta. A closed architectural competition is held to design the new Chancery Complex comprising of the Chancery Building, Cultural Centre and sixteen staff residences.


Our submission is based on the Banyan Tree; the national tree of India. It symbolises unity, eternity and sustainability, shield and shelter. It is also a focal point for gathering. Its location close to the Istana Negara imposed a height restriction of 400 MSL.


The design objective is to create a positive and welcoming image of the High Commission, set a standard of design quality and to reflect the character and culture of India.


The building programme is split into three sections: the Chancery Block facing Jalan Duta, the Cultural Centre in the centre and the Residences at the other end with its own entrance. Guests enter the Chancery through the grand entrance sheathed by the Banyan Tree at the Cultural Centre. This multifunctional space created to provide imposing lobby, exhibition space as well as wayfinding and security control.


The overall architectural language is formal; with Indian artisans employed to show case distinct design character. An orchid garden wall facing Jalan Duta provides a Malaysian context to the whole assemble.

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