Design Brief


Location             Qingdao, China

Land Size            -

Project GFA        2,322.58 sq.m / 25,000.00 sq.ft

Status                Completed

Category            Interior

Year                    2017

CNI &  IMMERI is a platform for development of an independent and professional direct sellers who spread their wings in Qingdao Shandong, China. New CNI & Immeri office occupies 25,000 sq-ft space.


The yellow corporate color & repetitive ceiling pattern for the interior was both translated from IMMERI’s logo itself.


As well as being visually striking as soon as you enter the office, the space is functional and practical. The breakout area &  training room area separated with a collapsible wall while retaining a mix of formal and informal meeting spaces at the front of the office. Even the soft furniture is lightweight and moveable, maximising both the ease of rearrangement and spatial flexibility.


The office’s open-plan work area is equally adaptive, providing a simple, capable and communicative work setting for teams of designers, operations, marketing and HR. Key elements of the main work area include custom-designed suspended ceilings, metal mesh cable trays to ensure the open ceiling system is well ordered.

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