Arte Axis Design Group Office


Design Brief


Location             Selangor, Malaysia

Land Size            -

Project GFA        222.97 sq.m / 2,400.00 sq.ft

Status                Completed

Category            Interior

Year                    2010

Arte Axis Design Group office signify the arrival of the group as an exciting, innovative and mature design company. It comprised of two sections; the front of the house and the studio.


A Japanese inspired signage signify entry to AADG’s office. A sculptural reception table, glistening white flooring and black glass wall indicate minimalist expression. Flexible space design allows 2 meeting rooms to be combined into a 25 person conference room.


The studio area are laid with 6 workstations per cluster. Interaction is encouraged via low partitions, while seating are allocated without ranking. The orange colour provide energy in the room.


The breakout area is partitioned via a signature library wall & TV panel. The pantry is vibrantly coloured while PS3 games create group bonding. The space also serve as group working area, parties and religious classes. Colour palette is kept white, blue and black.


Green products used including green carpet, low VOC paint, laminated timber flooring and energy saving T5 lighting operable by zones.

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