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Datuk Ar. Hj. Saiful Anuar Bin Abdul Aziz


Managing Director







Dip. In Arch

B. Sc Arch


"Local expertise ~ worldwide experience"


Datuk Ar. Hj. Ar. Saiful Anuar Abdul Aziz is an architect, urban planner, healthcare designer and Principal of Anuar Aziz Architect & Arte Axis Design Group. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years and across a full range of projects, he has consolidated a position of accomplishment in the architectural profession through research-based design excellence, innovative out of the box solutions, built works and awards. He received his Datukship from the State of Malacca in 2014.

Early Life & Education

Saiful Anuar was born in 1965. Raised by his maternal grandparents in Sitiawan, his grandfather was instrumental in bringing electricity to his village, Kg. Lekir in early 1070s. This forms his sense of responsibility and desire to contribute to the society.


He completed his secondary education at Maktab Rendah Sains MARA, Kulim, Kedah. Upon securing MARA scholarship, he continued his tertiary study in the UK during the 1980s.

His flair for design is refined under the tutelage of Professor Christine Hawley, and guest tutor Sir Peter Cook at Polytechnic of East London, now known as University of East London. During the height of the Deconstructivist architectural movement, Wolf D.Prix (Coop Himmelblau) in Frankfurt and Neil Denari in London amongst others reviews his works.


His final thesis for Diploma offer commercially viable option to stop coastal erosions in Norfolk. Sir Nicholas Grimshaw reviewed this cutting-edge project; where architecture and engineering components are elegantly combined.

Professional Life

He obtained his RIBA Part III prior to returning to Malaysia in 1992; and obtained his LAM Part III in 2000. He incorporate Anuar Aziz Architect in 2000; subsequently forming Arte Axis Design Group into an award winning boutique architect-lead multidisciplinary design practice with a tagline ‘Local Expertise ~ Worldwide Aspiration’.


SOCSO Tun Razak Rehabilitation Center in Malacca best displayed Arte Axis Design Group philosophy. It is also arguably one of the most awarded Malaysian projects internationally; and allows us to present the project at an international arena.

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